We are A.R.I. Bruneck

Our amateur radio club from South Tyrol thus maintains relationships with the responsible authorities of the municipality in their catchment area. The Bruneck section of the Association of Italian Radio Amateurs (A.R.I) was founded on October 9, 1973, and is legally based at Galileo Galilei Strasse 3, 39031 Bruneck, in the province of South Tyrol (BZ), Italy.

The Bruneck section of A.R.I aims to promote A.R.I through cooperation with the National Board and the Regional Committee of Trentino South Tyrol.

Members have the following rights

  • To be able to participate in all planned and announced elections at the General Assembly and in the referendums.
  • To receive all publications of the section.
  • To have access to the section’s library, according to the regulations set by the section’s board.”


  • To be able to use the QSL service according to the regulations of the national board.
  • To be able to use the radio-technical equipment and various instruments owned by the section, in accordance with the existing instructions of the section board, and so on.

We participate annually in various contests, both as a group and individually, including in digital modes. Our headquarters and meeting place is in Bruneck, where a radio station with the call sign IQ3ED is also installed. Here, we also meet every first Friday of the month at 8:30 PM.